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Catalogue design examples

Things to consider when planning a catalogue design

Catalogues were an important part of the shopping experience in the 70s, 80s and 90s. These days, most retailers have swapped their “big…
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Horizon showing hope

Tips for businesses during the Coronavirus lockdown

The Coronavirus has brought a lot of challenges for businesses around the world. These challenges in many cases will have resulted in business…
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Brochure design – how to get started

I’d like you to design my brochure – what do you need from me? Having a brochure professionally designed will obviously reduce your…
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A seclection of pop-up banners

Top tips for a successful pop-up banner

What are pop-up banners? Pop-up banners can also be known as roller banners, banner stands, penguin stands, pop-up displays or portable exhibition graphics.…
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