The Coronavirus has brought a lot of challenges for businesses around the world. These challenges in many cases will have resulted in business owners having less work to do. However this quiet time does not have to be about sitting and waiting until things get back to normal. It can be a great opportunity to […]

I’d like you to design my brochure – what do you need from me? Having a brochure professionally designed will obviously reduce your amount of work.  However there are still lots of things you will need to consider and do before a designer can start working on the project. Here is an easy to follow […]

What are pop-up banners? Pop-up banners can also be known as roller banners, banner stands, penguin stands, pop-up displays or portable exhibition graphics. Usually they have an aluminium base with a casing containing a vinyl or polypropylene substrate roll which can be pulled out and fixed to create a large format graphic stand. More expensive […]

Leaflet and Flyer Distribution Type in Leaflet or Flyer distribution into Google and you’ll find a good selection of listings promoting distribution services. Before diving into booking a leaflet distributor, it’s a good idea to do some research first. Make sure this method of marketing is going to engage with your target market. If it […]

When it comes to designing anything associated with a business or organisation, there are lots of things to consider to ensure the success of the final design. Whilst an annual report might not sound exciting  this doesn’t mean that the design should be overlooked or not seen as important like a business’ website or brochure. […]

You could be forgiven for thinking that once your design has been signed off, that is the end of the process. But for those who are having a design printed, it is worth taking a little time to consider the final item, and why/how it is to be used. Stock weight Paper weight is usually […]

After many hours work you’re finally happy that your design masterpiece is good enough to set in stone, or in paper at least. You’ve searched the internet and found a reputable company to print it. Now all you need to do is prepare your file for print… Most printers these days will accept a variety […]

When starting up in business there are many different things to consider, a logo being one of them. So why do you need a logo? In order to realise the importance of having a logo it’s essential that you know what a logo actually is. It also helps to look at what the purpose of […]

The starting point Whether you choose to hire a professional logo designer or create your own logo, writing a logo design brief is essential. There are so many aspects to your logo which you will need to consider before diving into the design side of things. Perhaps the most obvious starting point is knowing the […]

Plan your website! As with most aspects of design, the planning at the start of creating a website is essential. Spending time thinking about what you want the website to achieve will ultimately bring you nearer to achieving that goal! Careful and considerate planning at the beginning can help with avoiding pitfalls and extra work […]